Back STOPA Incoming Goods

Lowerable stamp ensure problem-free storage

The purpose of the incoming goods station is to simplify the storage process for raw sheet metal. The stamps enable the uncomplicated storage of the material by means of forklifts or cranes. The lowerable stamps make it possible to also use the station for outgoing goods.

The pallet lies on rails and is locked in place pneumatically. As a rule, the carriage's rails are installed under the floor. When not in use, the carriage stands ready in the warehouse so that the area is free for forklifts or similar equipment.

Storage Sequence

  1. The carriage stands with an empty system pallet outside of the warehouse
  2. The positionable stamps are lifted between the pallet pipes
  3. The raw sheet metal package is placed onto the stamps by forklift or crane and then placed into the coordinate corner
  4. The stamps are lowered and the material placed onto the system pallet
  5. The carriage drives into the warehouse and transfers the pallet to the Storage and Retrieval Unit (SRU)

System features

  • Model with entry / exit at all openings (on the face and longitudinal sides) available
  • Available for all usual sheet metal formats and multi-format warehouses
  • Optional coordinate corner stamps at the carriage for exact positioning of the raw sheet metal
  • Positionable stamps for convenient loading by forklift or similar equipment
  • Fixed height
  • Can be used as outgoing goods station
  • Suitable for system pallets and EPAL carriers
  • Manually loadable