stolzer parkingsystems – worldwide

Auto wird im Transferraum auf Regalbediengerät nach unten zum Abstellplatz transportiert

Optimum inner city location for 51 fully automatically parking spaces on seven levels in Valencia

Challenge Integration in the historic residential building. Adaptation of the system to local circumstances.
Country Spain

A stolzer car park with 55 parking spaces in the tourist sector of Segovia

Challenge A fully-automatic underground car park with four parking levels in the narrow inner courtyard
Country Spain

52 comfortable apartments with 61 parking spaces "made by stolzer"

Challenge 61 fully-automatic parking spaces on six parking levels on an area of 318 m²
Country United States
Außenansicht Gebäude mit integriertem Parkhaussystem.

A German company creates parking space in Spain

Challenge Narrow alleyways with almost no parking possibilities
Country Spain
Fahrzeug im Transferraum geparkt. Fahrer bedient Parksystem.

Hidden treasure – the new parking solution in Madrid

Challenge 71 parking spaces
Country Spain
Auslieferung eines Autos im Transferraum in Fahrtrichtung.

Valuable parking space in Santander

Challenge 38 parking spaces on four levels
Country Spain

stolzer builds a parking system in Istanbul

Challenge 73 parking spaces on three levels
Country Turkey