Back Drainage

All of our systems have an intelligent drainage system. This is especially advantageous in bad weather, as rainwater and water from melting snow can damage vehicles as well as our system. For this reason, we see to it that the water is channelled into collection containers instead of simply being allowed to spread. It is then drained off from the containers.

Vehicles that are parked for a long time are therefore at no risk of damage from increased levels of moisture in the air.

In systems with a quick-change function, this component is additionally responsible for moving pallets to a different level. Empty pallets on the storage and retrieval unit are always one level below the pallet with the vehicle. In order for an empty pallet to be placed in the right position in the transfer room, it must be moved to the upper level.

System features

  • Vehicle pallet is drained while moving to a different level
  • Vehicle and pallet are protected from corrosion
  • Parking system is kept dry and operative