Back Transfer room

The transfer room is the entrance to our fully automatic parking system. This is where users hand over their vehicles.

The entry to the transfer room can be adapted to structural conditions. With the help of our turntable, the angle of entry to the system can be planned as needed.

With or without a turntable, the transfer rooms in our parking systems provide generous space. Users can enter and leave their vehicles from all sides, which makes parking much more convenient.

For greater safety in parking, our transfer rooms have the latest technical equipment. Visual markers guide users to the correct position on the pallet. Sensors check the height and weight of each vehicle, as well as its length and width. Additional scanners check whether anyone is still in the transfer room or vehicle before the vehicle is passed on to the system.

System features

  • Available with or without a turntable
  • Designed according to architectural requirements and needs
  • Generous space for parking and picking up vehicles