Back STOPA Pallet Quick Changer

Buffer function for ultra-fast material handling

After the transport orders are entered, the Storage and Retrieval Unit brings the system pallet(s) – including the material – to preliminary storage bays 1 and 2. The scissor lifting table with the lifting and lowering position retrieves the pallet from preliminary storage bay 2 and transports it outside for removal of the material.

A new system pallet is readied on preliminary storage bay 2 by chain conveyor at preliminary storage bay 1. A new system pallet can then be buffered at position 1.

The lowest rack, made of steel, serves as a return storage station. After the "return storage" order is issued, the scissor lifting table travels into the safety area and deposits the pallet in the lowest rack, the return rack. The SRU accepts the system pallet and again stores it. The scissor lifting table travels back to preliminary storage bay 2 and retrieves a new system pallet, and then transports it outside.

System features

  • Decoupling of the loading and unloading cycles from the SRU by direct access of the SLT to the preliminary storage bay
  • Possible for the loading and unloading cycle