Back STOPA Scissor Lifting Table (SLT)

Individually usable transport car with lifting / lowering mechanism

Due to its low height and excellent function, the scissor lifting table is suitable for a variety of uses. The loss of storage space is thus minimized. Despite this, it can bring the system pallet to any desired working height. By combining it with downstream deposition frames, the scissor lifting table can serve several work positions in series without a problem – both manual and automatically linked workplaces.

Wide range of linkage options due to individually adjustable height.

In combination with deposition frames, several different positions can be served by just a single cart.

System features

  • Model with entry / exit at all openings (on the face and longitudinal sides) available
  • Available for all standard sheet metal formats and multi-format storage systems
  • Variable height
  • Can be combined with upper cart
  • Offers option to serve deposition frames
  • Lowest loss of storage space due to low height
  • Can be expanded with tandem changer
  • Can be expanded with pallet quick changer
  • Suitable for system pallets and EPAL Carriers