Back STOPA Storage Podium

Storage aid for Tower Eco and Tower Mono

The storage podium aids in the storage of stacks of sheet metal. Its four rollers are spring-cushioned. When not loaded, the steel frame is pressed upwards and can be shifted. When loaded, the steel frame lowers and the steel feet are planted firmly on the floor.

Storage Sequence

  1. The storage podium is brought into the predefined position (markings and two electronic contacts on the floor help alignment)
  2. The loading traverse positions an empty pallet on the storage podium so that the stamps extend out over the pallet
  3. The stacker lowers the stack onto the stamps
  4. The loading traverse returns to its upper position. At the same time, the stack is placed onto the pallet and can now be stored without damage

System features

  • Can be positioned manually
  • With stamps for storing raw sheet metal
  • Only for Tower Eco or Mono
  • Available for all standard sheet formats