Back STOPA Unpacking Table

Ideal helper for unpacking raw sheet metal and removing from pallets

The STOPA Unpacking Table is the ideal helper, and accelerates the process of simply unpacking stacks of raw sheet metal and/or of separating the stacks and removing them from the carrier pallets (which are usually made of wood).

The positionable stamp carts on the unpacking table and its ergonomic height enable optimal placement of the stack of raw sheet metal onto the stamps. At the same time, the wooden pallets are suspended freely in the air and are held to the stack only by the packaging. When this packaging is then removed, the wooden pallets fall down onto the table. The raw sheet metal can now be simply brought to the incoming goods station using a forklift or crane.

System features

  • For separating raw sheet metal and wooden pallet
  • Solid table with freely traveling stamp frame
  • Available for all standard sheet formats