Rail-guided, wireless transport system with auxiliary battery power

The STOPA WIRELESS CART can lift pallets with a load of up to 3 tons out of the steel shelf and place them on a pedestal outside the shelf blocks. The worker can for example manually remove finished parts from the pallet, without the risk of tripping over the rails or the cable drag chain.

The STOPA WIRELESS CART handles its orders without any cable link. It obtains its power from the latest lithium battery. As its capacity runs out, the cart moves automatically (automatic movement is possible only in a secure area) onto a floor contact and recharges, under the fully automatic control of the battery management system.

Control Features

  • PROFIsafe
  • Battery management system
  • Dependable wireless transmission
  • Digital and analog inputs / outputs
  • Traversing speed can be controlled by DC motor controller

System features

  • Max. effective payload: 3 tons
  • Compatible pallet formats: GF (1.525 x 3.050 mm)
  • Max. lift: 260 mm
  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC
  • Battery type: Lithium technology