Back STOPA Picking Tower

Provisioning of the most-varied materials on a separate system pallet

The STOPA PICKING TOWER is used for the commissioning of sheet metal stacks of all composition in parallel to main production, e.g., for the production of lot size 1. In doing so, all of the parts belonging to the order are produced and processed together, as a single order. A suction traverse dynamically transports individual metal sheets from the preliminary storage bays and places them onto a commissioning pallet. The unwanted loading of double sheets is prevented by the integrated double sheet recognition feature.

Control Features

  • Autonomous system (can be retrofitted)
  • ProfiNet
  • Own computer (SPS)
  • Own user interface utilizing Visual Studio (with context menus)
  • Interface via TCP/IP and digital inputs/outputs
  • Safety coupling via standard cable
  • The orders for commissioning come from the supervisory Storage Management System

The benefits at a glance

  • Commissioning of sheet metal stacks of any given composition in parallel to main production
  • The order is completely precommissioned and then sent to the machine for further processing
  • Lot size 1 parts can be economically commissioned
  • Boost in productivity
  • High safety and low service costs due to optimized design

System features

  • Number of commissioning pallets: 2 max. stack height: 130 mm
  • Number of raw sheet pallets: 5 max. loading height: 130 mm
  • Compatible sheet thicknesses: 0.5–8 mm
  • Maximum height: 8 m