Back STOPA Double Cart (Upper / Lower Cart)

Parallel loading and unloading of machines

As a rule, the double cart is used for the parallel loading and unloading of sheet metal processing machines. It thus consists of two components: the lower cart and the upper cart. This leads to shorter cycle times and the efficient use of the machine and/or the storage system and of any downstream processes. The lower cart can be designed as a transport cart with a fixed height, or as a Scissor Lifting Table (SLT).

System features

  • Consists of a lower cart and an upper cart
  • Standard model is two transport cars (upper / lower cart) with a fixed height
  • Lower cart as scissor lifting table possible
  • Parallel loading and unloading
  • Quick cycle times
  • Low loss of space
  • Can be used both for supplying machines with raw sheet metal and for the return storage of finished parts
  • Available for all standard sheet formats
  • Suitable for system pallets and EPAL Carriers
  • Entry / exit on the face side possible
  • Both dead-man mode and automatic operation