High flexibility due to modular design and software linkage

The STOPA UNIVERSAL large-scale storage system is especially suitable for the heightened requirements of industry:

  • For very high construction heights
  • If a large storage system is needed
  • If you have a lot of stations
  • If you have different pallet formats

Dimensioning matched to specific needs and automatic interfacing with peripheral systems are the hallmarks of the STOPA UNIVERSAL. When integrated into software-based systems (Storage Management Software or also ERP), the storage system acts as the interface between material provisioning, material flow, and the process machinery. A wide variety of materials with differing formats, stacking heights, and payloads are stored on special system pallets. The longitudinally driven Storage and Retrieval Unit with telescopic forks extending on both sides performs handling operations while preventing damage to the material, thus contributing to quality assurance.

Loading and Unloading / Operation:

The Storage and Retrieval Unit of the STOPA UNIVERSAL has been designed with the needs of the manufacturing industry in mind. It is based on a robust and reliable telescopic unit combined with an absolute travel measurement system for all axes. The stacking height check and the bay-occupied check feature further enhance system safety. Optical data transmission technology permits contact-free data transfer. The overhead bus bar ensures a reliable power supply. The travelling switchgear cabinet houses the control components. The Storage and Retrieval Unit is equipped with a plug-in manual control for the service mode.

Technical Data

STOPA Universal Pallet format MF Pallet format GF Pallet format XF
Size W x L [mm] * 1.250 x 2.500 1.525 x 3.050 2.032 x 4.064
Effective payload per storage location [kg] 3.000 3.000 3.000 / 5.000
Standard system height [m] ** 11 11 11
Max. lifting speed [m/min] 23 23 23
Max. traversing speed [m/min] 200 200 200
No. of pallets > 100 > 100 > 100
Building-support design optional optional optional

* Special formats available, upon request. ** Special heights are available, upon request.

Equipment overview STOPA Equipment

More systems

STOPA Compact Series System features

  • Large-scale storage system with pull technology
  • Single or double-rowed models
  • Goods carriers: Pallet or cassette with rollers
  • Available for all standard sheet metal formats and multi-format storage systems*
  • Automatic operation
  • Entry / exit of the stations at all openings (on the face and longitudinal sides)
  • Automatic linkage of machines possible
  • Chaotic storage management with STOPA Storage Management Software (SMS)
  • Linkage to supervisory computer system possible

STOPA Tower Flex System features

  • Single- or double-sided storage system in the form of a tower with pull technology
  • Goods carriers: Pallet or cassette with rollers
  • Effective payload: 3,000 kg or 5,000 kg
  • Available for all standard sheet formats*
  • Optional: Linkage of machines

STOPA Tower Mono System features

  • Single-sided storage system by way of a tower with pull technology
  • Goods carriers: Pallet with rollers
  • Effective payload: 3,000 kg or 5,000 kg
  • Optional: Automatic operation
  • Removal of the material directly from the load bar
  • Available for all standard sheet formats*