Rail-less, wireless transport system with auxiliary battery power

The STOPA VARIOCART more flexibilty, more freedom, mor efficiency.

The STOPA VARIOCART can store sheet metal packages with a load of up to 3 tons quick and simple. It can lift system pallets automaticly as well on tied machines as on a pedestal outside the shelf blocks.

The VARIOCART moves completely freely – without rails. Scanners survey the environment, thus allowing the system to learn the geometry of the storage.

The VARIOCART then avoids new obstacles or seeks alternative routes.

From now on, there are no limitations to the connection of stations. Regardless of whether different production machines are to be linked with the storage or goods receipt is to be incorporated in the storage logistics – the VARIOCART integrates a wide variety of stations flexibly and intelligently.

The VARIOCART is intelligently linked with the storage and machine control system. Jobs sent to the transport system are forwarded via interfaces and carried out promptly. At the same time, direct travel paths between the provisioning stations save time and costs.

The speed of the VARIOCART can be controlled individually. At bottlenecks the automatic mechanism adapts and slows down gently and carefully.

Where in the past several transport systems were needed to fulfil all logistics requirements, the task can now often be performed by a single solution: the VARIOCART. This optimises the utilisation of the transport system while preserving the logistics budget.

The flexibility of the VARIOCART grants new freedoms and enables the existing hall area to be utilised optimally. Stations no longer have to be aligned with a rigid storage grid. For example, machines can be positioned in the second row, closer together, or turned around. Even connection to a neighbouring bay is no problem.

System features

  • Autonomous and free moving transport system
  • Flexible connection of different stations
  • Direct travel path - shorter transport times
  • Stepless control - gentle braking
  • A single solution for optimising your transport logistics
  • New hall utilisation possibilities