Back STOPA Epal Carrier

Special pallet for space-saving storage of EPAL-EUR-Pallets

The STOPA EPAL CARRIER permits the return storage of sheets on EPAL-EUR-Pallets. In the empty state (when loaded only with EPAL-EUR-Pallets), no second shelf bay is filled here. A further advantage is that normally no floor plates are needed. The EPAL-EUR-Pallets are sunk into the STOPA EPAL CARRIER.

The Benefits at a glance

  • No loss of storage space when the EPAL-EUR-Pallet is empty
  • Greater net stacking height (approx. 50% in case of double)
  • No floor plates usually required
  • No slippage of EPAL-EUR-Pallets
  • Easy insertion and removal of EPAL-EUR-Pallets