Back STOPA System Pallet

Standard transport medium for raw sheet metal and finished parts

The system pallets for sheet metal storage systems are available in predefined sizes for all standard sheet metal formats and (depending upon actual requirements) for 3 or 5 tons of effective payload. The support rollers mounted on the face side are self-supporting, and guarantee easy handling for the operator. Additionally, the wear and tear of the system pallets in daily use is minimized.

The individual system pallets have different designs to suit different types of storage systems.

In the case of the system pallets for UNIVERSAL, support brackets are used instead of the lateral support rollers used for the STOPA COMPACT system pallets. In the case of the system pallets for TOWER Eco, guide rails are instead used.

STOPA system pallets are compatible with all standard STOPA stations. Optionally, the system pallet can be equipped with pallet stops which facilitate loading of the pallet and also serve to prevent slippage.

In combination with various different floor plates, it is possible to also store small parts and grid boxes or EUR-Pallets on the system pallets.


System features

  • Available for all standard sheet formats
  • Can be expanded with floor plates
  • Effective payload: 3.000 kg or 5.000 kg