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Supplying materials to defined work positions

So-called deposition frames are used to bring system pallets with raw sheet metal or finished parts to predefined work positions.

They can be combined with any desired cart – provided it is equipped with a lifting unit. The use of deposition frames allows the needed material to be brought to a predefined height without long-term blocking of the cart. This makes it possible to serve even several deposition frames in series with just a single lifting cart. This permits parallel working at several different positions, leading to the efficient utilization of storage capacity and shorter cycle times.

They are also suitable for manual stations, insofar as deposition frames can be used outside of a machine's automatic zone or outside of the storage facility and because they are available in predefined ergonomic heights.

System features

  • Different heights possible
  • Only in combination with scissor lifting table / WIRELESS CART
  • Positionable loading surfaces possible
  • Several deposition frames can be used in series