More Flexibility. More Freedom. More Efficiency.

Boost the efficiency of your production and enjoy new freedoms an flexibility with the new, intelligent COMPACT TURNER.

Our new COMPACT TURNER is particularly gentle when it handles raw materials. While performing a combination of unpackaging and goods reception, it ensures by means of plastic pads and a consistently flat movement of material that the raw material remains pristine. With our concentrated experience obtained from more than 1900 installed systems, plus the unique automation expertise of our engineers, we increase efficiency in sheet metal processing.

So you want a more flexible use of space? The almost 360°-rotatable table of the COMPACT TURNER permits a flexible approach position for loading by a fork-lifter.

System features

  • Gentle treatment of the sheet metal surface
  • No residual tension in the metal sheets
  • Two in one
  • Flexibility thanks turntable
  • Zero point displacement
  • Fully automatic warehouse link