Back Lift and Shuttle

In combinations of several modules, separate modules are used for vertical and horizontal movement. Lifts travel vertically through all levels of the parking system. Shuttles travel horizontally. Each level must have at least one shuttle for reaching all parking spaces on that level.

Faster cycle times can be achieved by configuring these modules separately.

With this variant the number of lifts can be adapted to the given requirements. The more lifts that are used, the smoother and stress-freer the parking operation. This is especially advantageous to users at peak times.


Parking systems with a tower design combine these two variants. Here the shuttle is placed right on the lift. This variant is especially advantageous with high-rise systems, but it limits the number of vehicles that can be parked side by side.

System features

  • The right combination for every requirement
  • With or without turning function
  • Adaptable to the customer’s requirements
  • Frequency-controlled electric motors for gentle conveying