Back Quick Changer

The quick-change system is an optional extension of our parking systems.

Its principle is “no empty runs”. In other words, the storage and retrieval unit always carries a pallet, whether or not a vehicle is on it.

A space-saving configuration of the pallets ensures that a pallet is always changed when a car is parked or retrieved. As soon as the storage and retrieval unit conveys a pallet and vehicle to another level, an empty pallet is automatically moved into position on the storage and retrieval unit. Without the quick-change system, the unit would have to move to a second position and pick up an empty pallet.

This system is also used in the transfer room. As soon as the storage and retrieval unit picks up a pallet with a vehicle that has just parked, it automatically pushes an empty pallet into the transfer room.

The quick-change system thus guarantees that an empty pallet is always available in the transfer room. It speeds up the parking process considerably – a big advantage for users at peak times.

By changing pallets in this way, the quick-change system is able to achieve much shorter cycle times than other systems. This option is available with all systems except LP and CP.

System features

  • Faster cycle times
  • Faster park-in procedure
  • Space-saving