Back Turntable

The turntable is the ideal enhancement to our fully automated parking systems. It can rotate the vehicle into almost any position, making parking and retrieval much more convenient. As the platform can be turned by almost 360°, a suitable entry angle to the transfer room is assured even under special structural conditions.

Users do not have to negotiate difficult ramps or tight curves when parking their cars, as in conventional car parks. Damage to the vehicle, like scratches and scrapes, is ruled out.

Vehicles are always turned so that they face in the driving direction. This makes the system more convenient and user-friendly.

If a turntable cannot be installed in the transfer room for structural reasons, it can be mounted on the storage and retrieval unit. In any case, vehicles will always be delivered to drivers facing in the driving direction.

System features

  • Users can enter and leave facing in the driving direction
  • Angle of entry to the car park can be planned as needed
  • Space-saving placement in the system is possible