Performance Range

Utilise our production facilities and our long-standing experience in the area of plant construction. Rest the manufacture of machinery components or steel construction in the hands of professionals. Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, our engineers, technicians, machine operators, welders, mechatronic experts and locksmiths are well accustomed to the manufacture of complex designs according to your drawings and specifications. But if needed, our performance range by far exceeds the scope of sole job order production:

You need support as to planning and design? Our engineers and project managers are available to you from the first day onwards through their consulting competence and expertise and accompany your project with modern 3D- CAD and application from the initial draft to the production stage. The benefit for you: efficient avoidance of errors already during the early development phase.

Will You Provide the 3D-Model?
We do the detail engineering and optimization of the manufacturing process. Benefit for you: Savings cost and time for all steps through all manufacturing steps.

Providing inseparable joints of components is a highly complex process which is highly demanding regarding manufacturing know-how and where traceability of the processed materials, welding additives, technical gases and the quality of welded seams needs to be ensured.

The welding specialists at STOPA can of course provide proof of their capabilities through their Class E Welding Qualification in accordance with DIN EN 1090 EXC 3. Even very substantial welding work involving pieces of material up to 20 tonnes in weight can be handled at any time.

Sawing, Turning, Milling, Drilling – we have command over all mechanical processing processes for work pieces made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our performance range in this regard spans from series production to “larger” individual components. For example, the operating range of our largest portal milling machine spans over the axes x = 9000, y = 3500 und z= 1000 mm.

Dimensional accuracy is an absolute requirement for you? We measure the required dimensions using the machines with integrated measuring systems

We offer an increase in efficiency by eliminating waiting times and time-consuming work steps, since merging assembly and installation of different components from several manufacturers and suppliers can be highly uneconomic.

For this reason we are offering you fully assembled and installed subassemblies and components including the required test and review reports from a single source. 
What makes us your preferred vendor is due to many years of experience and optimised processes which we can draw on in the manufacture of our automatic high rack storage systems.

We consider us as part of your quality commitment to your customers – Your success is a great recognition of our afford. For this reason specific acceptances of subassemblies, machines or machinery components can be run directly at our factory.

Also test runs or simulations of machines or subassemblies for acceptance purposes with a final acceptance results log belong to our portfolio.


No tolerance – up-to-date manufacturing facilities require, besides professional expertise and experience above all machinery and facilities which guarantee utmost manufacturing quality. In this case the journey is the reward – and this is increasingly influenced by mandatory conservation of energy.

For this reason we endeavour to maintain our manufacturing facilities not only engineering-wise but also energy-wise up-to-date in consideration of our responsibility for the environment.

An aspect where our customers benefit in the end through attractive pricing...

Production Weight: 10 t max. per piece
Crane Units: Hook Clearence up to 7.500 mm
Sheet Metal Storage: For Sheet Metal up to 4.000 mm x 2.000 mm
Long Span Goods Shelving: For Rod Material up to 6.000 mm
Painting: Pre-treatment and coating systems according to ecological guidelines

Torch Cutting Machine:

Sheet sizes:

8.000 mm x 2.500 mm

Panel thickness: up to 200 mm

Laser Cutting Machine:

Trumatic L4030

plus automatic PalletMaster

Sheet sizes:

up to 4.000 mm x 2.000 mm

Laser Cutting Data:  
Structural steels up to 20 mm
Stainless steels up to 15 mm
Aluminium up to 10 mm

Bending Presses:

Trumbend 7050

Length: up to 1.530 mm
Panel thickness: up to 6 mm

TruBend 8400

Length: up to 4.000 mm
Panel thickness: up to 10 mm


30 Semi-automatic welding machines

With different performance

One welding robot system

Weight up to 1.500 kg

length up to 5.000 mm

Portal Milling Machine:


Travel: x=9.500 mm, y=3.500 mm, z=1.300 mm
 (max. height clearence 2.000 mm)
Working Table: 9.000 mm x 2.000 mm
Processing: 5 sides processing through a universal angular milling cutter

Processing Centre:

Soraluce FS 8000

Travel: x=8.000 mm, y=2.800 mm, z=1.300 mm

Working Table: 2.500 mm x 2.500 mm
Two Panel Areas: 3.000 mm x 2.500 mm
Milling: Angular milling cutter can be swivelled horizontally by 360°

CMA Portal drilling center GRD CNC 6017  

Travel: x=6.000 mm 
y=1.700 mm z=500 mm

DMC 1035 V

Travel: x=1.035 mm 
y=560 mm z=510 mm
Working table: 1.200 m x 560 mm


Soraluce TA A 35

Travel: x=3.500 mm 

y=1.200 mm

z=1.500 mm
Working table: 3.700 mm x 850 mm

CNC Lathe:

Centre Height: 250 mm
Distance between centres: 1.500 mm

Radial Drilling Machine: GILLARDON GSR32 VE-SL

Drilling Performance: up to 60mm diameter
Overhang: 1.600 mm
Chuck: MK 4


Unit weights: 10 t max. per piece including pre-treater
Sizes: up to12.000 mm x 3.000 mm
Ecology: Environmentally friendly Water-based coating systems