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STOPA Automated Storage Systems:

Better use of available space, more turnover, ideal integration with all established processing machines

Automated storage for Sheet Metal and Long Bar Goods

Modern in-house logistics and supply concepts have the goal of providing sheet metal and long bar goods in a well coordinated manner, according to requirements.  Automated storage solutions from STOPA fully achieve this goal of unmanned storage systems through innovative concepts and many years of experience:  each of our automatic storage systems contains the experience and expertise gained from over 1 600 installed automated storage systems worldwide. 

Our selection of automated storage solutions includes:

Semi-automated and fully automated storage solutions for sheet metal goods:

Automated storage solutions for sheet metal  and other flat goods are available for pallet formats MF, GF, XF and SF, and carry a payload of 1 200 kg to 5 000 kg per storage bin.  Our storage solutions range from stand-alone solutions such as a single tower right up to universal large-scale systems.

Fully automated storage for long bar goods:

Every automated storage system for handling long bar goods is equipped with cranes that move along the front and sides of the towers and racks. These cranes form the actual connection to the processing machines.

STOPA: Automated storage
STOPA: Automated storage
STOPA: Automated storage